Will You Play a Game With Me?

If you've ever read the book Pollyanna, or seen the movie, you may be familiar with the "Glad Game" introduced by the story's heroine. Despite the fact that she was sent to live with her aunts after being orphaned, Pollyanna has a very magical way of looking at the world that is contagious to them and everyone around her. No matter what unpleasantness ensues, it can easily be overcome with the "Glad Game." You simply stop what you're doing and take a moment to name aloud something that you're glad about. It works really well when you can get others to play the game with you. It not only takes your mind off your troubles—because you can't think two thoughts simultaneously—it helps you rediscover the joys that life can also offer, potentially opening the door for more.

Amidst continual reports of the nation being on the brink of war and the other distressing news that bombards us daily, not to mention the run-of-the-mill annoyances, disappointments and frustrations that sometimes make up our day—whining kids, unappreciative bosses, surly store clerks, inconsiderate drivers, etc.—taking just a moment out of your day to play the Glad Game may be exactly what you need to regain some perspective and happiness in your life.

You can try it today, right at this moment. For even more effectiveness, try to get your kids, spouse or friends or even co-workers to play along. See if you can come up with 10 things, or maybe just 5. Even if you're only able to think of one thing, at least you've managed to take your mind off all the stuff you don't like and discovered that you have something in your life to be glad about. Work with that one thing and more is sure to come.


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