Anything Too Hard?

Since I began studying the Law of Attraction (LOA) some four years ago, I've noticed one puzzling (at least to me) concept that the majority of those who teach it share. When attempting to manifest an experience or thing into your life, your request to God, the Universe, the Source of All that Is, the Force, should be kept very general. It is suggested (as I understand it) that being too specific makes it more difficult for the universe to honor your requests and can delay your manifestations, while also creating resistance in you. Sounds logical.

Except…. If you are a Bible scholar of sorts like me, then no doubt you’ve come across at least three passages in the Bible where the question is asked: Is there anything too hard for God? (Genesis 18:14; Job 42:2, Jeremiah 32:27). I particularly like way the question is posed in Jeremiah: "I am the LORD, the God of all mankind. Is anything too hard for me?” [The Message translation actually reads: “Stay alert! I am GOD, the God of everything living. Is there anything I can't do?']

It is a rhetorical question, intended to illicit an emphatic “No, of course not!” in the mind of the reader. It's as if God is trying to tell us "Whatever it is, whatever you need done, I've got this!" That being the case, why is it that even among those of us who believe we are limitless beings because God is limitless and we were imaged from Him, capable of embodying his characteristics and attributes, that we apply this, I’m sure, unintended limit to manifesting?

Why do we suggest that by being more specific about what it is we are desiring to create that we make it more challenging for the Universe to comply? Why are there some things or experiences that we deem too hard, too difficult, or downright impossible to accomplish? Why do we even assign levels of difficulty to certain things or experiences, with the implication being that even if God can comply, it will take longer for delivery into our physical reality? Healing a cold—piece of cake. Ask, believe, receive and you should be out of bed in no time. Healing cancer—difficult; that will take a long time. Finding a nickel—easy. Finding $100—more challenging; universe will need more time to manifest that. Finding a new job that pays more money, don't care where—easy. Landing a new job as senior executive director of ABC company at its corporate office in Major City, USA, at 3x my previous salary, with a generous benefits package, corner office with window, iPhone and company car—well?... How about we just get you a nice job, somewhere?

Whether you believe Jesus to be a historical figure or a metaphor to demonstrate man’s capacity for existing in this earthly, physical realm and beyond, it would seem that the stories about him and the miracles he wrought are intended to teach us how limitless we are or can be and that no thing is impossible when connected to the Source of all that is. Might the stories also mean then, that whether we choose to make our requests very general or specify down to the most minute detail what we are desiring to create that the God of all mankind, the Source of All That Is is more than capable of delivering the goods, no problem?

And before you quickly counter, to me or just in your mind, that the reason for keeping things general is to allow the Universe to bring you something better or even something that you couldn't have imagined, consider this. Who decides that the something better is better? And is it really better or just different from what I've asked? Because isn't the suggestion of one thing being better than another thing a judgment? Besides, I certainly wouldn't make a request in a restaurant that way, which is how some LOA teachers describe the concept of asking the Universe.

Waiter: What would you like for dessert this evening? Me: Oh, I'll have the banana bread with ice cream, or something better?

What if God, the Universe, the Source of All doesn't even need to deliver anything to us because it already is; we just need to choose it, the way you choose cereal off the shelf at the grocery store. They're all there, every possible brand, flavor, type of grain, or food-like substance you could imagine and even some you can't. You just need to pick one, or two.

Just some thoughts to ponder….

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