Switching Timelines: Imagining Me Into Another Reality

If I understand the concept of parallel worlds or multi-verses correctly, then in this vast boundless galaxy there exist universe upon universe upon universe upon universe in which I and others I know also exist and are living lives that may be similar to the one we're now experiencing or in many, many instances quite different from the one of which I’m now aware.

Any possibility for my life that I can imagine, I might actually be living it only I’m not aware of the other life, or at least not fully. Some people who support the multi-verse theory suggest that experiences like dreams and déjà vu, or what we might call miraculous occurrences—spontaneous remission of diseases, accidents being avoided at the last minute—are openings into the other universes. We are experiencing in such moments glimpses of what is happening in the other worlds being brought to our present awareness—it's a glitch in the existing “matrix” so to speak.

Confusing and overwhelming as the concept may be for my brain to grasp, I rather like the idea. Especially at this juncture in my life. Imagine an infinite number of worlds where anything and everything that my mind can conceive of, and things it cannot, are actually happening. Imagine further being able to move from one world to another—to a reality of your choosing—with merely a thought, or a word, or a step like Dorothy walking out of the front door of her home in Kansas into the techni-colored land of Oz. (Honestly, that was and still is my favorite part of the movie.)

Somewhere in space, at this very moment, there’s a version of me who is a multi-millionaire, or a highly influential world thought leader. Perhaps there’s a me who is a doctor, or successful entrepreneur, an award-winning actress, a mother of five, a humans’ rights activist or humanitarian, or Queen or president of a country. Maybe I’m a fierce warrior princess with supernatural or psychic abilities. Again, the possibilities are endless.

Or perhaps... Simpler and even better, I get extremely excited just imagining that somewhere in this vast universe, right now, there’s a version of me who is strong, fit, toned and a perfectly healthy 137 lbs and who has never been sick a day in her life. And right now, I'm enjoying a truly amazing life as a best-selling author, champion ballroom dancer, artist and inspirational speaker and life coach, alongside my amazingly, wonderful, talented and handsome husband. In this universe, my parents are still alive, thriving and living in perfect health in a beautiful one-level ranch style home in suburbia USA, where my family gathers for the usual holiday dinners. I still have the same siblings only they're much happier and more contented versions of themselves, along with my nieces and nephews who are finding joy realizing their own dreams of success, abundance, and prosperity.

In fact the more I imagine it, the more I'm beginning to feel as if I've already stepped into that reality. There is here.

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