I don't watch very much television nowadays, but there was a time when I did. Among one of my favorite programs was Highlander: The Series. If you've never seen it, you should check it out. It's about a race of immortals competing, in rather bloody fashion, for the ultimate prize: dominion of the earth and mankind.

I love the historical aspects of the series as it travels through time exploring significant events like the Crusades, the French Revolution, the American Revolution, the Civil War, the Salem witch hunts, the Jazz Renaissance in Paris, from the perspective of the immortals. I also liked watching the ever-eternal battle of good versus evil. Plus, the series was filmed partly in Paris, and what woman doesn't like Paris! Ooh, la, la!

The series' hero is Duncan McLeod, an extremely handsome, moral, yet flawed, immortal who really wants no part in the battle—over the centuries he's grown tired of all the bloodshed—but soon realizes that by remaining on the sidelines, he allows the evil that he abhors among some of his fellow immortals to flourish.

Still, as much as I enjoyed watching Duncan battle his external and internal demons every week (something each of us does daily), one of my favorite characters in the series is the immortal named Methos, brilliantly played by actor Peter Wingfield. Methos is initially revealed to be a 5,000 year-old immortal, who disguises himself as university graduate student named, of course, Adam. But as the series progresses, it's later revealed that his true age is unknown. It's hinted that he may have been alive during the time of Methusaleh.

My affinity toward Methos was immediate, from his first appearance when—in the actor's perfectly beautiful British accent—he utters one of the most awesome lines of the series: Remember, Highlander: Live. Grow stronger. Fight another day. (Actually, he utters a number of awesome lines during the series' run, many of which make me swoon. Fellas try this one on for size when trying to secure a date and the woman asks why you want to go out with her: "Because the alternative is unthinkable." That date is yours!)

LIVE. GROW STRONGER. FIGHT ANOTHER DAY. Powerful words. They are among my arsenal of affirmations to get through the rough patches of life. They help restore my focus and my strength and bring me back to a place of hope, a place where magic can happen.

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